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You are dreaming.   

You are unconscious in a hospital bed.  Your insurance only covers 30 more minutes of life support.  After that, you'll be unplugged, and that will be the end.  

But all is not lost!  You have 30 minutes to explore your dream and collect dream money.  Maybe you can collect enough, and you'll live to see another day - in real life this time! 

It won't be easy, though.  Demonic nurses and orderlies pop up at every turn.  Fight them with weapons and magic, and recruit allies to help you along your way, including Recovery, the helpful android nurse of your dreams!  Or nightmares... 


  • Recruit up to 24 cute characters of 4 different races: Humans, Witches, Beastmen, and Droids.   
  • Battle with swords or guns, or your own fists.  You get stronger depending on what skills you use! 
  • Learn spells from seven schools of magic, including Angel Magic, Candy Magic, and Crystal Magic. 
  • Explore the mazelike hospital for a million secrets!  Okay, not a MILLION, but there's kind of a lot. 
  • Take advantage of the New Game+ feature.  After a Game Over, start again with all of your acquired skills, money, and items.  It gets easier every time! 
  • Features all original graphics and music!

Also find it here, on RPG Maker dot net

Content Warning:  self-harm is mentioned once. 

Rxcovery Tips (added 1/21/2018):

  • Try everything!  This game gives you a million ways to experiment.  If you hit a wall, change up your strategy!  
  • To get the maximum amount of character development in the least amount of time: use every type of skill.  Each skill type (fist, sword, magic, etc.) improves a different set of stats and unlocks a different branch of abilities.  If you use every skill type you've got at least once per battle, you'll become a powerhouse in no time!
  • Don't neglect the "Punch" skill.  It's the key to unlocking some of the most ridiculously powerful skills in the game (not for Witches or Droids though)!  
  • The "Guard" function will increase your Attack stat x3 for the next turn. 
  • The Bazookas are a crutch for when you're in a pinch, but relying on them too much will lead to having really weak characters!
  • There is a secret character who doesn't look like much, but has a kind of magic that nobody else does.  This magic is stupid-powerful - he can learn a spell that can take down most bosses in one hit.  If you're really sick of these bosses, maybe hunt around for this secret character instead...

***UPDATE 8/29/2018***

Uploaded Version 7!  A few more bug fixes and cosmetic things are fixed.  See Readme for details.  The New Game + should work properly again.

***UPDATE 4/24/22***

Version 8: fixed some formulas so the skills make a bit more sense maybe, added a single static image to the ending sequence, a nip here, a tuck there, hopefully didn't break anything else???  I dunno this game is like 5 years old

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
AuthorL.O.V.E. games
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags8-Bit, Horror, hospital, RPG Maker


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The Queer Games Bundle brought me here. Such a great time! I brute forced my way in a few playthroughs and it was really fun. The art, story and music are superb.

This is really great! The aesthetics, story, gameplay, length - top notch. This reminded me of the gameboy SaGa games in a crazy, colorful world. 

The mechanics and the imbalances therein are a big part of the fun, and I love the elements you chose for magic! 

I did have one question - not too important, since I was able to finish fine, but how exactly do the stat-ups work? Is it per-character? Shared among actions in the active party? The inactive one? Characters you haven't recruited yet? Can a witch gain agility when their teammate shoots a gun?

The system is intuitive enough and doesn't need to be 'gamed' at all but I am curious about the design...

Thanks for making awesome stuff!

thanks!  I'll try my best to answer, it's been a while and I don't remember all the things I did... 

After every battle, every character has a chance for at least one random stat to go up by a little tiny bit - that includes characters not in the party and not discovered yet.  So hopefully, the characters you find later aren't TOO underleveled compared to your active party.  

In addition to that, every action taken has a chance of increasing its related stat a little bit - punching can increase strength and max HP, using a gun can increase agility and luck... I forget which actions directly affect which stats, but it's not a 1-to-1 thing, made to avoid the Final Fantasy 2 problem where the only way to increase defense was to get your ass kicked.  

So yeah, a non-gun-using character's gun-related stats will go up a little sometimes, but not nearly as much as a character who actually fires a gun every battle.  

Thanks for the reply! That seems to square with what I experienced - I like what you did with this system a lot.

Finally went back and finished this. Super cool game! The art and character designs are especially fun, especially the beastmen hehe.

And gosh that story.

It's been a blast finally going back and finally finishing this and DYS. Your RPGs are a blast and I look forward to what you make next.

I put this game on my video about 10 Best RPG Maker Games on JoiPlay Emulator If you don't know what JoiPlay is, JoiPlay is a Emulator to play RPG Maker games on Android

oh, cool!

I loooved this game's freeform rpg gameplay! The rewarding experimentation in preparation for "the run" gave me the rush of a roguelite with none of my hangups w/ the genre. The narrative/environments enthralled me, as did the focus on cute characters! In the words of a mutual of mine; "the ultimate boyfriend game"... slam unt motherfucker into die grounden!

Can I just say, I love all these games, they have such original and wacky stories! I wish I had this much creativity XD

Which elemental books exist right now? I wanted to teach one of my witches medic and angel magic but I can't find the books. Do the books even exist or should I stop hoping?

there's a book for every school of magic!  You just have to find them ;)

Hi, there's something wrong lately. I updated the itch.io desktop app and now it just will not run this game, or even redownload or install it. It just keeps saying "No compatible Uploads found."

I liked it. The difficulty is a bit unpredictable due to the random items (on my first run, I had trouble with the fights pretty soon) and it's a bit hard to keep track of all the characters, but the setting, the NES-like artwork and the music is pretty compelling.

I had two pretty bad bugs, though. On my first run, this happened when starting a battle, somewhere north of the first lobby:

The game crashed and since I hadn't saved for a few minutes, I restarted from the beginning.

I played my second run until the timer ran out. When it asked me to save, I did so and the New Game+ option appeared. However, when I try to start a NG+, it just takes me to a black map with the countdown at 00:00 and a game over screen shortly after that...so I guess my save file is unusable now.

Since I lost a lot of progress, I probably won't play any further, but other than that, I enjoyed Rxcovery and would definitely play a sequel!

I've probably lost your interest entirely at this point, but can you tell me more about what you were doing right before the bugs happened?  

The "Script Sprite_Battler line 80: TypeError occurred. no implicit conversion from nil to integer" bug used to happen when you removed a character from your party and didn't replace them with a new member.  I thought I'd fixed it, but perhaps not.  Someone else got around the bug by always having the max number of members in the active party.  

The other bug happened once when the timer ran out as a boss battle was being finished, and for some reason it caused the player to be caught in a loop like that. 

How does that compare to what you experienced?

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Eeyup, that checks out.

The TypeError occurred shortly after I traded in one of my five team members for cash science. The ~3k I got were pretty useful for buying new weapons at that point, so I gave it a try. The error came up about four rooms later, it probably was the first battle with the smaller party and I didn't change the formation.
When I tried the same thing today, the error message occured again. I got the blue Beastman, then the Russian witch, then the hidden pig Beastman. I sold the blue Beastman, didn't change the active party and the first battle after that led to the crash. In the menu screen, the party consisted of four characters again, but in the formation screen, one of the slots was left blank.
The bug didn't appear when I tried the same thing while having only four (then three) party members, but it did reappear then I tried selling two party members so that I had only active party members left.

The New Game+ loop happened after a boss battle against two cartoony, ghost-like enemies. I don't remember their names, but it was rather late in a game and the floor had a lot of nurses and ???? enemies. The boss battle started on the lowest or second lowest tile of a long hallway. The timer ran out during the battle and I noticed that I had no chance, so I escaped to start a NG+ and...you know the rest.

I'm not familiar with the scripts you used, therefore I'm not sure how to fix these issues. But an automatic sorting of the active party members after losing one could help with the first bug. For the second one, I'm not sure how the engine handles the countdown event. Since it didn't interfere during the battle, the event probably triggered only after returning to the map. In that case, maybe increasing the timer by a minimal amount of time at the end of the battle and/or freezing it shortly before it runs out could delay the event? If the timer then runs out outside of the battle, the problem might be avoided without changing the gameplay. Having an event on the first map of NG+ that resets the timer (or just disables its game over event) could also help.

But then again, the conditions for these bugs are probably pretty odd, so maybe there aren't that many players who will encounter them.

However, another bug that I encountered in todays's playing was more serious. I'm not sure what triggered it, but on several occasions, the button to open the menu or cancel actions wouldn't work. Sometimes it would start while walking on the maps, sometimes it would occur while opening the menu. Once, it even happened right after saving - a lucky incident, since reolading would fix the problem. Other times, I would get stuck and had to reload without saving. One time I managed to trigger the bug, but after a boss battle, the problem was gone again.
It's apparently not dependent on the player's input, since neither Esc, Num0 nor my controller's button would work. I thought about the RPG Maker having the option to temporarily disable opening the menu, but that wouldn't explain why the buttons didn't work while being in the menu or even battling...strange.

You seem to have a knack for finding really strange bugs somehow.  Well, thanks for your report, I'll noodle around and see what I can do.  So far, I haven't managed to replicate any of the bugs you've described, but I'll keep at it.  

I could send you my save files, if you want to. For the TypeError, I simply did what I already described.  I have one save file before the party member is removed and another one after that, right before a battle that crashes the game.

I think I also found the source of the NG+ bug. The problem wasn't the counter itself, it had something to do with the protagonist dying in battle before escaping. Her dead status seems to carry over to the NG+ and leads to the game noticing that the whole starting party is dead on the first map, prompting a game over screen. It could probably be fixed by healing the whole party in the "timer's up" event right before it asks you to save for a NG+ file. I also have two save files for that, one right before a boss battle with about 30 seconds left. Just let the protagonist die (or use the Hemloxxx item on her), wait until the timer runs out and then escape. It then asks you to save (which I did on another file). If you start a NG+ from that file, it immediately leads to a game over.

Ah, that's weird!  The NG+ is supposed to recover everybody's health on its own, but I guess if it doesn't, then I can do that manually.  Thanks!  

And if you could send me your save files in a Dropbox link or something, I will gladly accept then

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do i have to get to a certian point of the game to newgame+ when i game over? i've died in the game so many times(to the 2nd bedbug enemy encounter) and i dont get the newgame+ prompt at all

The New Game + prompt only happens when the timer runs out!  Be sure to save your game and choose the "New Game +" option when it appears.  

hi, this game slaps in every way! makes me wanna make games too, which is very cool i think. keep it up!!

That is an incredible compliment!!  Thanks so much!  I hope you do make games - it's heartbreaking work, but also a lot of fun!  I really liked watching your playthrough of it too!  

of course! i'm about to download Dys and try that out too - im excited! i am already working on something because i got so excited haha. hopefully i keep it up! also thank you for watching!! that is so nice!

it took me quite a few days to finish this game all the way through. I thought it was near impossible to get 400,00 dream dollars but yet, here I am. all I have to stay is: THIS GAME WAS AMAZING!! i'm constantly looking for good rpgs and this one is just awesome! I love the music, I love the characters and the story is just awesome. I would like to thank you for making this game and I hope you keep making more like it.

Thanks so much!!  I'm glad you liked it!  This made my day haha

Played for 25 minutes of the timer and I'm in love with this game so far!!

So many characters, and abilities, and equipments and possibilities!! //( =*w*=)

My only complaint is that it isn't that clear to me which elements are each monster. :|c Am I missing something or should I just watch their spells closely?


The monsters are sort of color-coded, and have the element in their name - Devil element monsters hjave "Devil" in their name and are purple, Slime element monsters are green and have "Slime" in their name, etc.  The monster names are kind of nonsense so it's a bit abstract, but it's there!

I see... it seems I needed more experience with the game to get used to it. Thanks! :D

What platforms is this game for? Itch says it isn't available on Windows but I can't see a listing of what platforms it uses.

oh shoot, you're right!  yeah, it's for Windows.  It should say now!

It still says it's not available for Windows, and I don't see any download links.

Ok, the Windows thing is definitely fixed now.  I don't know why you aren't seeing a download link, though, I see it just fine.  :< 

Yep, Windows thing is fixed now. (Thanks!) As far as the download link, what I mean is that I don't see a download link on the game page as viewed in the itch client; that's normal, except in games where the install button doesn't work for some reason, in which case I would expect to see a separate download link somewhere. That's the only reason I brought it up; the install button works now, so it's not relevant anymore.


part 2 I really L.O.V.E. (see what i did there?) what you did with this game. It has everything you would want in a retro 8bit RPG!

I get to what I believe is the final boss in the long hall (without spoiling this for anyone). I talk to the NPC several times and get "..." about four or five times, and then the full dialog triggers and then the battle begins - but before the battle initiates I'm hit with a black screen and an error window that reads:

"Script 'Sprite_Battler' line 80 TypeError occurred. no implicit conversion from nil to integer"

I got this point this morning with v4.2 and then saw that version 5 was released and was excited assuming this may fix the bug. However, the game still crashes.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed this game.

Oh no!  That's bad!!  I played the final boss battle twice today and never encountered this!  I have no idea what could have happened, I'm looking into it now

Who is in your party when this happens?  Does it happen with other battles, or just this one?

Ezo, Lotte, Io

I just uploaded v5.1, so give this one a try.  I moved some things around.  I can't make the bug happen for me for some reason, so you'll have to be my canary.  

(1 edit)

Hmm, is the file still named v5? If so, I've downloaded it and switched it out and moved my saves over.  Still no good. Is it possibly just the save file? Or perhaps because I have an empty party slot? Will try and move the party around and see how it goes.

Okay, so I think it may have to something to do with not starting the battle with a total of four party members. I added Suki and its fine now. Thank you for trying to figure it out, you the real mvp. NOW FOR THIS FIGHT!!!

I'm glad you found a workaround!!  Yeah, it seems to have something to do with who's in your party, but if you downloaded "Rxcovery v5.1.zip," that bug shouldn't be happening no matter how few people are in your party.  I'll continue trying to figure this out.  Thanks so much for being patient!

Amazing game it's an easy to play RPG that takes level grinding and, actually makes it fun! The background tracks are incredible and, I enjoy how they change instead of it just being a constant over and, over!

Thanks so much for playing!! :D

Hi, it's me, Mel, again.  I was wondering if I could translate your game into Spanish. If it doesn't bother you, of course. :D

Sure, absolutely!  Same rules as last time, link back to the original, etc

Okey, thanks!

This game is amazing! If one of the blogs I write for will let me, do you mind if I do like a short feature on it?

I'd love that!!  :D

oh my god also your bandcamp music is freaking INCREDIBLE

oh you ;.;


this game rules

I'm glad you like it ;.;

I just downloaded your game and have been playing a bit. I am not sure how the New Game+ you mentioned works though. When I die and get the game over screen, am I supposed to press something? It throws me to the original screen with options 'New,' 'Load,' and 'Quit.' Selecting new just starts the game all over from the very beginning, and well, the others don't help either.


you only get the new game + option when your 30 minutes are up. You're taken to a save screen where you save your game, and then the "load" option in the save menu is replaced with "new game +" for that one save. Dying in battle doesn't trigger this option.

Oh that makes more sense...seems it may require more of a time commitment than I first figured. Thanks.

Okay y'all, try it now!

Yeah, random crashing is Bad.  I will make a fix as soon as I can, tonight or tomorrow!!

As soon as Two joined, the game crashed: 

Script 'Yanfly Ace Equip Engine' line 725: NoMethodError occured.

undefined method 'etype_id' for nil:NilClass

Responding to say the same as jinxedcross, the game crashes during the next battle after Blue joins, even if he's not in combat.

Testing again to be thorough, it seems to be Lyubova using the Jewel Knife skill which causes the game to crash, not Blue's fault.

As a heads up, after getting Blue and entering a battle, I've gotten a "Script 'Kread EX-Glimmer' line 210 ArgumentError occured. Comparison of Fixnum with nil Failed." before it would shut down the game.