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This is a completely realistic game about exactly what it's like to work as an office temp. Absolutely everything is true and nothing is made up or embellished. Really.

This is your first day working at C.C. & C., Inc, the Best Office Ever. In between completing the weird tasks you're given that don't really seem to have much to do with each other (and let's be honest here, aren't exactly giving your Bachelor's degree a run for its money), you must safely navigate the spooky office hallways.

You're not sure what makes the hallways so spooky. Maybe it's the old, moldy smell. Or the weird noises made by the old building. Or maybe it's the invisible monsters who chomp your head clean off if you linger for more than 20 seconds...

As you navigate the endless office corridors with your trusty revolver at your side (well, not THAT trusty - cutbacks, you know), you must find a way out of this hellish place.

Isn't this the best job you've ever had? Well, I've definitely had worse.

Mouth sweet, belly b i t t e r

***UPDATE 8/15/2016***

Uploaded Version 2 of Mouth Sweet! This version fixes some bugs, and also includes an infographic that hopefully explains how to play a bit better.

***UPDATE 7/22/2017***

There is now a Spanish translation available here!


  • Tense first-person battle system - listen for the invisible enemy's footsteps, and shoot them before they reach you! (requires stereo sound)
  • Things former employers have actually said to me! Eat a bag of dicks, Linda!
  • Original soundtrack made entirely out of my own voice!
  • High level of challenge
  • Looks good on your resume - C. C. & C. is a big name in this town

Tips for mastering the battle system:

  • Stereo sound is required!! Listen for the enemy's footsteps. You will never see the enemy, but you can hear if it is to the right or left of you.
  • Once the enemy's footsteps are centered aurally, it is right in front of you. SHOOT NOW!! You'll know if you've hit it.
  • Go slowly. You've never used a gun before, at least not in an office setting. Move your gun hand one tick at a time, and listen for the footsteps each time.
  • If you duck into a side room, the monster will stop looking for you. Maybe it forgot you were there? I dunno. It will start chasing you again if you re-enter the hallway, but maybe you can avoid it completely if you swoop in and out of side rooms. (sometimes, not always!)
  • The first enemy you encounter is a little different from the others - it is much easier to defeat. Also, it's next to a save point and an ammo refill. If you're still having trouble with the combat, use this first enemy as practice!
  • There's no shame in choosing Easy Mode. The only difference is that the enemies won't touch you - but YOU can touch THEM! Easy Mode is also good practice.

Thanks for playing!!

CONTENT WARNING: Blood, guns, tension/anxiety, jump scares, implied animal cruelty. There is a chance that this game may misgender you, so please take care if you're sensitive to that!!

tumblr: http://lovegames-studio.tumblr.com/

twitter: https://twitter.com/LOVEgamesstudio

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lovegames


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I really LOVE (get it...) your games however I must regretfully inform you that I will not be playing this one for the only reason that I am a big bubble blowing baby when it comes to even the slightest amount of horror in games... sorry

This might be a silly question, but is there a way to buy the soundtrack? I'm not very good at games like this, but I love the music so much, I want to add it to my album collection! 

its on bandcamp https://rabbitrabbit.bandcamp.com/album/mouth-sweet

thank you so much!! 

-Made a Video.

"one of the best rpg maker game in my opinion."

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I love this game so much!!! Really, It is my favorite game but I have a problem:

I downloaded this in a friend's PC, but when I download it in that PC, I can't play the game, it throws me an an error with the message ''Not implemented'' PLEASE HELP ME WITH THAT ERROR.

Oh no!!  What seems to cause the error? Is it when a sound plays, or just when you try to install it?  

I'm not a pro at this kind of thing, so maybe somebody at some RPG Maker 2003 forum has figured this out already...

(2 edits)

(I know I reply 2 months later, mainly because I have a kinda bad internet connection, in fact I live in the country with the WORST internet, that is the reason)

I was searching a bit about the Not implemented thing, it is about the audio, I can install the game and even run it, the bug occurs when I start a New Game, specifically in the part which says “You aproach the building...“ then it crashes, other details are, the PC with the error thing runs Windows 7, while my PC, which does not have it, runs Windows 10, I think it is because there could be a damaged audio lybrary or DLL required that Windows 7 may not have, or maybe, the audio that is supossed to play there is damaged. 

Here is a screenshot

"Go slowly. You've never used a gun before, at least not in an office setting." So you say... Kidding. Good game, finished it, I wasn't sure what was going on but reading you resumé now explains of bad experiences in a job. Lets us both hang in there in the world full of bad jobs.

wow this hit close to home....I've been thinking about quitting my office job lately because of misgendering and stuff and just... wow 


made this account just to say I loved the game but I hope Mitchel is ok :(

I personally haven't gotten the chance to play it yet since it's 3:00 AM and I just watched a video on it. Based on the video alone it was gripping and built a lot of tension, it was exciting and very creepy. I ended up getting connected to a couple of the characters by the end of it and felt elation at how the ending went. I will personally have to try the game out myself. All I can say is great work. And I hope you're doing alright

I found this game on a list that was posted to the /r/CreepyGaming subreddit. I wasn't sure what to expect from this, but this is one of the best RPG Maker horror games i've ever played. The combat was really interesting and the overall theme of it was just really interesting and engaging. Checked your twitter afterwards, I'm really glad you're still around. :>

I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else but I cant seem to be able to use my arrow keys in the game. I can only use the down key on the main menu and from there, none of the arrow keys work. Anyone got a fix?

same problem


Just want you to know that your game was featured here


Great game, mate

I'll check your other games. Hope they are as creepy

I died during easy mode for some reason...


I played this game in 2016 when I think it first came out and I never got the chance to leave a comment, but even in the span of 4 years the game has never left me. Your profound ability to make such a deeply emotional game but yet so.. simple, I guess I'd say? But there's nothing simple about it. Everything about it has stuck in my mind and inspired me a lot! Thank you SO much for making such a lovely game


i'm literally crying right now ;.;  Thanks so much!! I'm glad my work seems to have made a difference!

Deleted 49 days ago

Oh wow, that's so cool!!  My first youtube-style game review!!  Thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you liked it ;.;

Completely loved this game and really connected with the story, thanks so much for makin' it!!

I love this game a lot, but I was wondering:

Are you planning to ever make an alternative version of the audio cues that's more accessible to hard-of-hearing people, but still preserves the same sort of effect? I love recommending this game to people, but I've had a few friends who were disappointed that they missed out on a key part of the experience.

Iunno how functional this would be in RPGmaker, but something like a screen-shake or another visual cue that intensifies at the right spot seems like it'd do the job.

That's a good idea!  I should revisit that someday.  
I did make the original game hoping my hard-of-hearing dad and hard-of-hearing best friend would play it, and that's what the "easy mode" is for, but yeah it misses part of the experience

This is a really lovely game, I think. Okay maybe 'lovely' isn't exactly the right word but I enjoyed it a lot. I was expecting the battle system to be more frightening than it was, but in reality, I was a lot more uncomfortable avoiding battles than I was facing them... life lesson perhaps? When you try to conserve ammo/avoid fights, all you can do is pray you don't run into anything, but when you face them down, a cool head and a steady hand will win every time, complete with that incredibly satisfying flash of red. If I can take down invisible demons without missing a shot, I can certainly quit a job~

Besides that, the game was more trans than I expected (always a good thing) and the, like, monologue bit at the end was frank and open in a way that definitely struck a chord with me.

My only complaint with the game is that I think I got a little too confident and skipped some parts to swing right for the endgame, but then, I can go back and find everything another time, and I suppose allowing me to exit on my own isn't really a bad thing.

Keep on making great things, LOVE!

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My goodness! I've been trying to kill myself often but this work of art is grand and may have stopped any further attempts! I love the boldfaced mis-gendering to make a real villain of C.C.C. Inc. in the start and the place turning into a *spoiler* building to plead with us and the turn into halls of  *spoiler* was great. I love the end.


Oh my god, please don't kill yourself!!  I'm glad I managed to help, but I'm not a therapist and I hope you see a professional about this!  

I know it's not an easy step, and you've probably heard all that before, but it makes all the difference - I didn't want to either, but after getting treatment, I was pretty much a new person!  No more thinking about ending it all, no more hiding in the broom closet at work so nobody sees me burst into tears, no more locking myself in the car and literally screaming until I lose my voice - I promise, it doesn't have to be like this!  

You totally weren't asking for advice but reading your comment really worried me

just finished this game and wowow its so good!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in love with the fighting mechanism, super interesting and fun! I could imagine playing a full-length DS version of this game, was rly sad when it ended!!!!!!!!!! also the music is amazing. thanks sm for making this masterpiece *_*

This game is amazing! I've never seen a game system like this before and that's a great thig! I just did a run and now and got to the end, just to find out a "GAME OVER" screen. I think that maybe there's more hidden, maybe other endings to see, if that's it I'd say that I totally love this game. the sound is very good, the ambience is so creepy and well used. I didn't find any jumpscare but I'm not going to spoiler myself googling it but playing the game again.

You did a great job Mitchell, keep on doing what you love.

ATT: Bernardo Barouk (you can see it in my usename but the att thing makes it romantic)

Thanks so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!  Sorry, I forgot I had a comments section lol

Haha, no problem!

Really liked the music and overall atmosphere.

Thanks!  :D

That was fantastically well done. The audio/soundtrack was on point, and the writing was very engrossing. I hope you're doing better now, Mitchell.


This game is real good. I'd buy it if I had money. 


*Rawr* Hello everyone, I am making a series on this game and it deserves more attention, extremely unique, spooky, reminds me of the Mother series in mild ways and I can't wait to delve further into the madness. For your viewing pleasure to get 'some' idea of the gameplay, I have Part 1 that I've so far released linked below - though I'd recommend playing for yourself! :>