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You are Agent Love. Working for a covert European organization, you work from within the shadows to keep the world safe - ever invisible and anonymous. Armed with a deck of playing cards and having mastered the use of nearly every weapon ever made, you are a top agent, a force to be reckoned with.

However, you are only human. And you fucked up.

Maybe you couldn't help it. You were in love, after all. But the consequences ripple far, and even today, you still struggle to move on, to keep it all buried and focus on your work, to be the absolute best Secret Agent ever so no one will try to hold the scandal over your head ever again.

No such luck - your new mission just happens to be all about your aforementioned past indiscretion: a man, named Agent [redacted].

Play Love, a retro surrealist espionage thriller love story. Use your wits to uncover secret doors, hidden switches, and buried truths. Use your strength to battle spies from your rival organization through abandoned mines, underwater hotels, and bizarre castles.

Story inspired by What Happened to Agent Small?

!!! 01/05/2017 - I've worked on this game for 4 years, and it's still unfinished. It will probably be unfinished forever. !!!

Content warning: sex, strong language

Music by Sage Taylor, Erik Olson, Innocence

Castle Hereupon sprites and Level Clear card by Bittermause

tumblr: http://lovegames-studio.tumblr.com/

twitter: https://twitter.com/LOVEgamesstudio

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lovegames


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I played the demo a few years ago and i really enjoyed it, sad to hear that it's discontinued.


hey, i know it's incomplete, but this game is rad as hell. tons of style, great cutscenes, all the art used to tell the story? wins big points from me on presentation. played through to the start of the 3rd level and was delighted. i'm glad you released this, even in its incomplete form

also, there's a piano version of crystal silence in the music folder and i'm completely in love with it. like the kind where you're afraid to relisten too many times lest you spoil it. big ok fingers emoji from me